Friday, August 29, 2014

September - Newsletter/Snack Calendar

We had a busy week!

August: 25-29

This week was quite busy!

Characteristics and sequence of planets
Where is Bruno Montessori

We introduced the solar system and learned that the Sun is the center of the solar system and it provides energy to planets around it. The four planets closest to sun are solid and rocky and the others are gas giants. There was also a discussion about life on Mars and that some children have seen 'aliens'!  We took this opportunity to teach the children about their place in the universe and how they are a tiny part of something huge.


Caroline Nordlund was our special guest this week (Annelise's mom). Caroline, introduced the class to "Glissando"- Glissando is a glide in pitch. She also brought a story book to demonstrate and children practiced it with her. She also played the violin and children used their listening skills to identify the music.


Ms. Naomi also spent some time with our children, giving them a tasting experience to various kinds of "Bread". Children were quick to notice that the breads look, feel, smell and taste different and each one had their favorite pick.


                  Happy Birthday Jack! Jack is making his Birthday Cupcakes with his friends

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week at a glance!

August: 18-22
We had a great second week! Children are adjusting to their classroom and their classmates well.
This week we gave several individual, small and big group lessons on preparing and serving snack, waiting and taking turns to do a job - how to share and work harmoniously in a small group, complete a job from start to finish.
Our returning students were thrilled to demonstrate work to new students.

Lesson on Hanging Bead Stair/Hanging Teen Board
Lesson on Norman Rockwell
  • In language we introduced matching objects to initial sounds
  • In Math we introduced, 1:1 correspondence with numbers and objects and sequencing.
  • In Art we talked about Norman Rockwell and painted his artwork.
  • Story time is on Friday and this month we are reading Dr. Seuss. Last week we read, 'Are You My Mother' and this Friday we read 'I can read with my eyes shut'.
  • Kindergarten children were introduced to journal writing and taking 'Accelerated Reading' test on the computer.

Thursday, August 14, 2014